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Conversely, MTF is "male-to-female" and refers to trans women assigned male at birth.
She always attracted men’s eyes when walking down the streets.

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As the Internet grew, other web chat clients became to arise, became more popular and eventually took over ICQ.

These were messenger clients such as MSN messenger and AOL messenger (AOL who acquired ICQ in 1998).

As Camfrog became popular with deaf users we added a deaf video chat room list and deaf features in our Camfrog Server software.

This trait allows users instantaneous access and only a web browser is required to chat.

The first major web chat client that was used worldwide was ICQ. ICQ was originally released in November 1996, and was freely available to anyone with a computer and Internet connection.

By 2001, ICQ had over 100 million users registered out of the 361 million Internet users there were worldwide.

Did you know Camfrog has features built into its software just for deaf users?

Many deaf Camfrog users use our software to communicate via video chat by signing into their webcam back and forth.