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Now what happens is, when I turn on the i Phone, first I see the pineapple, then a cartoon Steve Jobs speaking Russian. An unknown error occurred (2005)." I have not been able to get the i Phone into any other mode using DFU key combo or other. NOTE: They do warn that you may not be able to unlock the phone at a later date, if you only use AT&T I would not care. Then Steve Jobs appears before I've counted 5 seconds, and i Tunes recognizes the i Phone before I've even pressed the Home button. I understand I won't be able to unlock this phone because I'm upgrading using Quick Pwn, which is fine. I'm going to get my work laptop and try from Windows. I am having the same problem after upgrading to 2.2, only difference is I get error code 6 most of the time and if it's in DFU mode with custom firmware I get 1600. Still nothing can't restore it and boots to the steve jobs restore screen. what if their is any problem, they may lose their beloved i Phone…..there is also chances that they may lose all data because of upgrading firmware…. Frankly, I am one of those lazy i Phone 2G owners….One of the most common problems after Apple releases its the latest firmware update for the i Phone is that some users who have jailbroken their i Phone end up losing the jailbreak and all the jailbreak i Phone apps and if they have unlocked their i Phone end up locking their i Phone if they accidentally upgrade to the latest firmware update.So when Apple released i Phone firmware 2.2.1 on Tuesday, quite a few readers ended up accidentally upgrading their i Phones to the latest firmware update despite the warning from the i Phone Dev team.

1st of all, these i Phone 2G users are lazy, moreover, they also worry that after upgrading to i Phone 2.2, they have to unlock their i Phone again….

One of our readers, Few things you should know based on our post yesterday if you have upgraded to i Phone firmware 2.2.1: 1st gen i Phone users: Since the update does not touch the baseband of the 1st gen i Phone your unlock will remain in place.

However to jailbreak your 1st gen i Phone you will need to either wait for the dev team to release updated versions of Pwnage Tool and Quick Pwn tools which will let you jailbreak your 1st gen i Phone running firmware 2.2.1 or use this guide to first downgrade to firmware 2.2 and then jailbreak it.

Bear in mind that, before you get this release, you must check to see if the available firmware is developed for your model and SKU (stock keeping unit) – if you apply an incompatible software, the device will encounter serious malfunctions and can even be rendered unusable.

Please make sure the you reboot your device after the update process is complete and check to see if you have the latest available i OS version.