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The season featured eight people who lived on Pier 41 in Red Hook.

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There’s no way MTV could have planned this, and we’re certain nobody–not the Overlord producers, and least of all Ryan himself–expected it to happen. Also, Chet got a life-sized cardboard cut-out of himself made at the Fairway supermarket. Not surprisingly, Katelynn Kelly Kapowski, Sarah, and J. Ryan is also an Obama supporter, although he eschews punditry and says he wants a President who will pretty much guarantee he’ll never have to go back to Iraq. He must have taken a “What Colors Flatter My Skin Tone? Too bad Romney couldn’t have figured out all this A. Cause right now, he’s just a 20-something kid scared out of his wits.

“It’s not healthy to have all Democrats run everything.

Later, it’s still Ryan Day in Red Hook, and so the roommates accompany him to a gala for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, where Devyn and Katelynn show up in Jovani prom-glam dresses that make them feel like Disney princesses. No time to wonder, because MTV saves the worst for the final five minutes of this episode.

If this were true, we’d have a nice little hell on earth. The roommates go to a big election party somewhere and get sloshed while Chet and Scott stand there shoving chips in their mouths and looking stoic and angry.

Ryan dresses up–literally–like Uncle Sam on Election Day. Then they leave and go to Subway, because that’s the only place to go when you’re a Republican and the entire nation is DANCING.