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Ayu Namiki who is also active as a butterfly at a certain sports college swimming club came to open a swimming course.
Some Deaf/HH students use hearing aids, some have cochlear implants, while others use neither; some know sign language, others do not; some can speak intelligibly, others cannot; etc.

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Customers are the lifeline of a growing and thriving business.However, not all customers are good customers and you cannot please everyone.

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The other day, I was reviewing the Facebook page for a major airline and there was one complaint that stood out: What does security have to do with the airline? Have you ever been on Trip Advisor (the popular online destination that rates hotels)?Even more recently, a Walmart customer in Texas said to a store employee, “I know you ain’t leaving. Y’all should go to your own countries and fix up your own countries.” A fellow Walmart employee filmed the incident.The employee being berated by the customer responded that she didn’t want to hear anymore, and then had her supervisor take over.Here are 3 reasons why customers are not always right and how to retain the right ones.1) Not all customers are created equal When running a business, naturally you will interact with a myriad of customer personalities.You'll see a constant stream of one and two-star reviews where individuals complain about things like a lack of chocolate on their pillows or not enough channels available on their TV (while at the same time commending the hotel for having a nice staff, clean rooms and a cheap rate - the main reasons the majority of people would chose a hotel).