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asked a question about the school’s legal obligation to identify and test students.

As a tutor who works with students struggling in reading and math, she was concerned about the number of her students who have never been tested or received any services, despite having continually performed below grade level.

To tell a child about an impending sibling, consider your own comfort level and your child's maturity level.

Preschoolers, for example, may not grasp concepts of time, so it might not mean much if you say that the baby will arrive in a few months. For example, a 4-year-old child may ask: "Where do babies come from?

Sometimes early orthodontic treatment can help reduce the severity of future orthodontic problems such as the need for permanent teeth extractions and bite related issues.

The arrival of a new baby can bring many changes to a family.

Parents spend a lot of energy on preparations, and after the baby arrives, much of the family's attention involves caring for the newborn.

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